Welcome to our Seeley G50 section, I built my first Seeley G50 in 1986 and during the course of my racing career built many more for myself and others.
The motorcycles constructed at Minnovation Racing are basically replicas of the bikes I built for myself, with the advantage of now having 30 years of experience, a factory full of CNC machinery and a team of highly skilled engineers...
Our motorcycles are constructed to the highest standard, many of our chassis parts are manufactured in house. The parts we do not make are supplied to us by many of the same people who supplied me back in the 1980's, the results can be seen in our G50 photo gallery by clicking the link or image below.
We are pleased to offer complete machines or for the enthusiast who wishes to construct a self build, we offer a kit of parts. We are happy to supply machines/kits to each individual customer's specification.
To discuss your requirements please initially use our Contacts section.

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