G50 engine
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Complete Top Specification Engine Package
As per our works specification multiple championship winning short stroke 92mm & 96mm bore G50 engines.
We Dyno optimise the engine, carburettor, ignition and exhaust, and supply ready to race.
Please contact us for price & specification.
Customer Specification Engine
Our customer spec G50 engine, fully assembled. Less ignition, carburettor and exhaust system please contact us for full price & specification.
Minnovation Racing/M.P.L Collaboration
We are pleased to be able to offer via our long association with Andy of
M.P.L the fitment option of one of Andy's self
generating P.V.L based, electronic magneto
replacement units.
Exhaust System
Our Dyno developed stainless/carbon Exhaust System,
THE BEST! - £687.50
For further specifications or assistance please Contact Us .

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